Marley On The Mount: Boarding House 1975

Today I share with you a most interesting interview with Bob Marley.  I am also sharing audio from the Wailers’ performance at The Boarding House in San Francisco, CA on July 7, 1975.  I shared this performance a few months back, however, today’s version is pitch corrected and upgraded.  For those who have never listened to this show, it may be the best live recorded audio of Marley and the Wailers in concert.

Oakland Tribune July 4, 1975

The interview was conducted by journalist Idris Walters and was published in Sounds on 16 August 1975.  According to Walters: “The man speaks as he sings.  [My] interview came out in song, verse and lyric”.

GREAT YOUTHS (Marley’s appreciations of contemporaries)

1. Taj Mahal (Black chieftain)
“We develop a kind a telepat’ic contac’ Between de two of us
‘Im say, ‘im gwonna do ‘Slave Driver’. So I went up dere, so I meet Taj.
Great man, Taj.
Whoosh, ‘Im good, ‘im strong
‘Im ‘ave a West Indian t’ing.”
(Chorus: Great youth, great youth, yeah)

2. Alan Cole (Jamaican footballer, friend of Marley’s)
“We not get a chance to kick a ball over here

I’m afraid for the Winter
Ha ha.
Alan Cole, great you know, yeah

Good baller, an’ we work together.
Am the best brethren me ever ‘ave
As far as togetherness mean, you know
Sometime, he knock on a few drums Sing a few songs
But then, we really need football.”
(Chorus: Great youth, great youth, yeah)

3. Johnny Nash (Reggae propagandist, soul brother, sweet choirboy)
“Yeah, I see ‘im yesterday

Yea, I t’ink ‘im do a bunch a my songs now
‘Im doin’ a song named ‘Baby, Baby We Got A Date’
An ‘im doin’ ‘Reggae On Broadway’ An’ I don’ remember d’other one Johnny? …
‘Im good
‘Im like, ‘Im like, ‘Im like, y’know Great youth.”
(Chorus: Great youth, great youth, yeah)

4. Tosh (also applies to Bunny, absent Wailers) “‘Im doin’ ‘is own t’ing
Kind a adventurin’ (laughs)”
(Chorus: Great youths, great youths, yeah)

5. Keith Hudson (current roots reggae hero)
“Me dig Keit’ ‘Udson
Good friend too
I don’ know if Keit’ ‘Udson is a really a good singer But ‘im ‘ave ideas
An ‘im great with it, great youth.”
(Chorus: Great youth, great youth, yeah)

6. Augustus Pablo (current dub reggae hero)
“Lots a ‘it in Jamaica, yea mon

So much different mood
Sometime I wanna hear Max Roach
Sometime I wanna hear Miles Davis Sometime I wanna hear Pablo.”

(Chorus: Great youth, great youth, yeah)

7. Aston ‘Family Man’ Barrett (Wailers powerhouse bass)
“He pick up women

‘E use t’ave plenty girls
Plenty girls…
So we call ‘im Family Man.”

(Chorus: Great youth, great youth, yeah)

8. Marcia Griffiths (Of I Three, Bob’s backing group and conspicuous by her absence in current line-up)
“She gwonna ‘ave a baby you know.

9. Chris Blackwell (Island boss)
“The t’ing with Blackwell is that it was Blackwell’s studio (Natty Dread)
An’ Blackwell know how to talk to the guys

I don’ know if that is what producin’ is
I wanna sound from the board
The engineer not so used to the
Jamaican way a talkin’
So me talk to Blackwell
And Blackwell talk to the guy
So that is how it work.”
(Chorus: Great youth, great youth yeah)

10. Martha Velez (Street Choir singer, album – Fiends & Angels) “Goin’ to Jamaica
Doin’ an album there with a girl
A girl called Martha Velez
She wan’ do all reggae ‘

She might do ’bout three four my songs She ‘ave some good songs
Really dig ‘er
Strong, she ‘ave it you know.”
(Chorus: Great youth, great youth, yeah)

BLACK HOLES (Marley on reggae and reggae feeling)

1. “Maybe ‘is the quality a reggae mus’ be improvin’

2. Poo-ke-too-ke-pahga Poo-ke-too-ke-pahga You know, wicked feelin’ Dangerous
You mus’ ‘ave de feelin’

A different t’ing from th’ funk
Can’t feel th’ funk feelin but
Th’ funk feelin’ a little bit easier Than a reggae feelin’
Reggae’s a hard t’ing t’feel
An’ when you get it… you feel proud

3. It’s the simplest music
But it’s not really easy (laughs)
You know wh’ I mean, simpler
An’ jus’ as simple as those musician guys who Like, touch the moon an’ come back;
You can do it in reggae, but
You ‘ave to do it very simple

4. You goin’ in dere, but you don’ care You still goin’ in

5. You tek yo’ time Zeeeeet…
Jus’ tek yo’ time
It’s like ridin’ a donkey To drivin’ a car Reggae’s safe… Safe? A safe trip (laughs)

THE SHERIFF SHOT I (Fear an’ loathin’ in the ghetto)

1. “Anywhere me live
Me move the ghetto with me
So me can go uptown to live
Regardless where we is, is still Trenchtown So what we really want is a change
Mek everybody live nice
Not mek everybody live the ghetto kind a life Not the slum type a dirt an’ thins
People wanna live a bit cleanish

2. (The police?)

 That’s if ‘im want to see you doin’ something wrong You goin’ to do something wrong
‘Im run an’ ‘im see ya

‘Im hide an’ ‘im peep
An’ ‘im wait till you do it

An’ after you do it ‘im shoot ya He don’ say “Hey , don’ do that” You know wha’ I mean
Madness, madness

3. English police?
“Dem rough
Dats where Jamaica get dere roughness from mon”


1. “Politically-wise
The politician feel it
Yeah, The politician get the most pressure
The Rasta Man relax, smoke th’erb an’ don’ care Pressure don’ trouble Rasta

2. You ‘ave three set of people
You ‘ave PNP, you ‘ave JLP (political parties)
An you ‘ave Rasta
When you find the JLP man stand up
The Rasta man lay back an’ relax
He ‘as no business around ‘im
He jus’ smoke th’erb an’ get ‘igh an’ t’ink of nature an’ God an’ coooool While the politician, now, ‘im busier
‘Im wanna die to go t’eaven
Rasta man say, ‘I wanna live’

3. HaileI Selassie I
Let’s say real wars
An’ rumours of wars
An’ propaganda, plenty a things
But I know, that his Imperial Majesty Emporer Hailel Selassiel is the Almighty ‘Im create me

4. God do everything the way ‘im want to do it An’ there’s plenty we don’ understand
The cycles a time
You know time a change
Because. Jah

Is the greatest chess player in the world

(London Rastafarians?)
5. Dem togetherish, Dem great Dem doin’ somethin’

6. West Indian people is Rasta is Rasta Rasta not strictly West Indian people

7. We don’ care which colour y’is
Or where y’ come from
Rasta, rasta
This is not politics, this is God business God create the earth up
An’ create all mankind on th’earth

8. When you ‘ave people who t’ink
some alike
A prejudiced way
Dem dem dem dem dem tek the God outta the world There is no prejudice
So you ‘ave right and wrong
So is not really a West Indian community

9. The right thing fe to do is fe positive
If me hates you, there’s something wrong with me Y’can’t go to Zion
An’ I can’t ‘ave mine
I ‘ave to love you, love ‘im (photographer)
Still I might not do the same things the way you do I ‘ave to keep all the hate out of me

Because you can’t go to Zion with th’hate ‘Ave to leave the hate outside

That is why people need to learn how to live

The t’ing is, the t’ing is
These third, fourth and fifth generation Are the children that see God
‘Cause these are the last days
An’ we are the children that see God”


“Yeah, yeah mon
Everything’s gonna be alright
I mean plenty things can happen
People gone, they don’ turn back
It’s when you comin’ forward that you see what you see Because God no partial
He give you life, he give you freedom
You can hate ‘im if you want
You can love ‘im if you want
You can respec’ ‘im if you want
You can know ‘im if you want
You can do anything
Y’see God is a very generous man
He give you yourself an’ he give you the universe (Repeat chorus: Everyt’ings gonna be alright)


1. “Ethiopia… Nah. Yeah
I’m gonna play there
An’ I’m gonna settle there
That is Zion y’talkin’ about
I’m quite up to settle over there

2. They jus’ pile up corruption on corruption An’ that’s why we don’ gone to Ethiopia yet
Because plenty things needing to clean up An’ this is a great, great job
I’m doin’ right now

Cool man
Cool, very cool, collective and secure and right. Selassie, yeah. Selassie.”


“My mother
My people are my own people
So it kind of come down
Tru’ love an’ music
Tru’ the church
My mother is a good singer y’know
Me love music, me live with music all me life So check it out
Quadrille, calypso, mambo, samba,
Cuban stuff.”

REVOLUTION NUMBER TEN (Marley on energy created at Wailers gigs)

“Glad dem feel that way
Sometime get big
Like one time when we bring out songs like ‘Rude Boy’ An when we sing it mon
Dem guys they attack the police

Same time beat up the police ha ha ha
We ‘ave to leave Jamaica ha ha ha
So it’s interestin’ I ‘ave to be careful sometime
Because we don’ mean it in a violent way
Ha ha ha.”
(Repeat and fade: Number Ten, Number Ten, Number Ten…)

MR BROWN (Legendary surrealist presence in Kingston)

“Mr Brown is a clown
He ride ’round town in a coffin
There’s a t’ing, one time in Jamaica
Well, I never personally see it
But there’s a crowd a people runnin’ down the street Say dey seen dis t’ing
Dis t’ing was a coffin
(long pause)
“I still can’t understan’ it
It was a coffin, you know
I don’ see it yet you know
An’ dem say the coffin is on wheels
An’ dey ‘ave two crows on the coffin
an’ dem say dey’re lookin’ for Mr Brown
Up to now I don’ know if it was really actual
That’s why I say
Who is Mr Brown?
ha ha ha.”

Bob Marley 1975

©Kate Simon

The Boarding House
San Francisco,CA  July 7, 1975

“Kinky Reggae” (Sample Track)

EX Stereo Soundboard
(SBD > pre-FM Master > DAT)* >> CD-R (2+ gen.) > EAC > CoolEditPro^ > FLAC > DIME > Pitch Correct>CDWAV> TLH > FLAC6

01. Trenchtown Rock (4:53)
02. Burniní & Lootiní (5:32)
03. Midnight Ravers (5:50)
04. Them Belly Full (But We Hungry) (4:19)
05. Rebel Music (7:35)
06. No Woman, No Cry (7:13)
07. Kinky Reggae  (6:31)
08. Stir It Up (4:55)
09. Lively Up Yourself (10:40)
10. Get Up, Stand Up (8:01)



This is an amazing Bob Marley recording. The original download of this recording ran slightly fast. This is the sidewindersf 2009 re-pitched version. All tracks on this version are now correct pitch. The repeated segment during the “yeah” from the crowd just before the drum intro to “Midnight Ravers” was removed. There is a strange sort of slight skip in “No Woman No Cry” during the vocal “Good Friends We Have” (specifically during the word “have”). This was not repairable without removing music and was not changed. This version was not EQ’d. The main difference from the original is that the speed is now correct and the show has been re-tracked with CD WAV. The pitch difference is slight, but musicians will notice.. Many thanks to the original uploader for sharing this must have show. Thanks to Bob Marley & The Wailers for their timeless music and constant inspiration.

Bob Marley 1975

SEECO Speaks plus Kaya Tour Rehearsal Sessions, Miami 1978

I’ve got a real rarity for you guys today.  A Seeco interview.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen Seeco speak.  I know I’ve never seen him interviewed.  Give thanks for the genius of Ras RoJah Steffens.  He has such extensive Wailers knowledge that he knew Seeco, along with Joe Higgs, was partially responsible for helping mold Bob, Bunny, and Peter into a tight, rhythmic, melody-making machine.  Knowing this, he is able to pull the story from Seeco, and land an interview with the Wailers’ enigma.

Long before The Wailers started recording, percussionist Alvin “Seeco” Patterson was one of the primary musical tutors for the vocal group, specializing in rhythm. Seeco, seeing that the trio could be molded into something great, brought the Wailers to the attention of Studio One owner Clement “Coxsone” Dodd. He even played congas for them as they auditioned for Coxsone, who eventually took them on as recording artists. He went on to become a roadie for The Wailers 1973/74 tours before becoming the longtime percussionist for The Wailers.  SEECO is sometimes credited as Francisco “Willie” Pep.

Prior to this, Patterson had a career in Jamaica’s “mento” music scene. In Stephen Davis’ biography, “Bob Marley, it is revealed that Seeco, “played with Lord Flea and various mento-calypso combos”. Davis later describes the music Lord Flea played when Seeco was in the band as “mento jazz”.

The interview, conducted backstage in 1991 at the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles, is a real rarity.  Roger tells me that this is the first time it is seeing the light of day.  In the interview, Seeco tells the story of bringing Marley to his first audition at Coxsone. It’s a little hard to penetrate fully, but I think you will enjoy the challenge.


I’m also including what is in my opinion the best Bob Marley and the Wailers rehearsal session that circulates.  This rehearsal session from May 31, 1978 is an absolute gem.  The songs performed on these tapes sound better than most groups’ officially released material.  What amazes me the most is how tight the band is during this session.  It is common knowledge to most die-hard fans that Marley rehearsed his band like no other lead musician.  They spent hours upon hours upon hours in hot, muggy, and smoky rehearsal rooms honing these songs to perfection.

They had just played 2 shows at The Orpheum in Madison, WI a few days earlier.  They are back in Miami at Criteria Studios to rehearse for the upcoming tour.  The tour will take them to Philadelphia on June 5, 1978 to play the Spectrum.  It then continues on through the northeast and Canada before taking off in Europe.

These rehearsal tapes, a virtual “throw away set” for Marley, is one of the best reggae sets that I own.

Bob Marley and the Wailers
Kaya Tour Rehearsals
Miami, FL May 31, 1978

Cd One:

01 Rastaman Chant (take 1)
02 Keep The Faith (take 1)
03 Rastaman Chant (take 2)
04 Keep The Faith (take 2)
05 Keep The Faith (take 3)
06 Keep The Faith (take 4)
07 Burning & Looting (false start)
08 Burning & Looting (take 1)
09 Burning & Looting (take 2)
10 Time Will Tell (take 1)
11 Time Will Tell (take 2)
12 Lively Up Yourself
13 Who The Cap Fit ( Man To Man )

Cd Two:

01 Easy Skanking
02 Want More
03 Jamming
04 Crisis
05 Running Away
06 Crazy Baldhead
07 Running Away (take 2)
08 Positive Vibration
09 Soul Rebel
10 Waiting In Vain


Big, big thanks to Ras RoJah Steffens for sharing this rare interview with us.

Wailers ‘Eclipse’ Springsteen at Max’s Kansas City, NYC 1973

It is July 1973, and The Wailers depart Jamaica for Boston to play 5 nights at Paul’s Mall, and then on to New York City to play 14 shows at Max’s Kansas City.  They will be supporting a local boy from New Jersey named Bruce Springsteen.

It is Island runner Lee Jaffe, a 22 year old white kid fresh out of Penn State University, who is responsible for smuggling the Wailers into the U.S., through Toronto, so that they could play their famous gig with Bruce Springsteen at Max’s.  It is also Jaffe who is responsible for scoring the band’s herb, booking them at the Chelsea Hotel, and introducing  Bob to “a fair Danish princess” named Mooskie who is Bob’s inseparable lover for that week in New York.

They are staying at the famed Hotel Chelsea, also known as the Chelsea Hotel, or simply the Chelsea.  It is a historic New York City hotel and landmark, known primarily for its history of notable residents. Located at 222 West 23rd Street, between Seventh and Eighth Avenues, in the Manhattan neighborhood of Chelsea, the 250-unithotel has been the home of numerous writers, musicians, artists, and actors, including Bob Dylan, Virgil Thomson, Charles Bukowski, Janis Joplin, Leonard Cohen, Patti Smith, Iggy Pop, Jobriath, and Larry Rivers. The Chelsea is probably best known as the hotel where Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols kills his girlfriend Nancy Spungeon on October 12, 1978.

I am in receipt of the hotel receipt for Bob’s stay at The Chelsea.  It was donated for the blog by my friend and former Wailers member Lee Jaffe.

The Wailers play a total of 14 shows at Upstairs Max’s Kansas City from July 18-23, 1973.  Only 3 of the 14 shows circulate, and I have shared them here for your listening pleasure.  Each show is presented in lossless (FLAC) audio.

I have also included a very rare print review of the Wailers’ run at Max’s Kansas City, written by Ian Dove and published in the New York Times on July 23, 1973.


I have also included a review written by Sam Sutherland and published in the September 1973 issue of Bilboard magazine.


It is interesting to note that the author of the review states unapologetically that The Wailers “neatly eclipse” Springsteen’s performance.  In fact, the entire review is all about The Wailers, with very little mention of Springsteen.  Not to take anything away from Bruce, he is without a doubt one of the premiere talents in rock and has had tremendous staying power in such a fickle industry.  His fans are as crazy about him as we are about Bob and The Wailers.

The Wailers
Max’s Kansas City, NYC
July 18-23, 1973


1. Bend Down Low
2. Lively Up Yourself        
3. Slave Driver              
4. Stop That Train           
5. Stir It Up                
6. Kinky Reggae              
7. Get Up, Stand Up          
8. Rude Boy        


1. Bend Down Low           
2. Lively Up Yourself      
3. Slave Driver              
4. 400 Years              
5. Stir It Up               
6. Kinky Reggae            
7. Don’t Rock My Boat      
8. Get Up, Stand Up         
9. Put It On


1. Put It On            
2. Slave Driver         
3. Burnin’ and Lootin’    
4. Stop That Train      
5. Kinky Reggae       
6. Kinky Reggae         




Source:  Audience to reel , However, possibly through the board.
Lineage: Reel > C > DAT > CD > Plex 48A > EAC > CDWav > FFE > FLAC
Length:  33:36 min


Source:  Audience to reel , However, possibly through the board.
Lineage: Reel > C > DAT > CD > Plex 48A > EAC > CDWav > FFE > FLAC
Length:  36:58 min


Source: AUD
Lineage: Reel > C(2) > DAT > CD > Plex 48A > EAC > CDWav > FFE > FLAC
Length : 23 min incomplete


To Joey Newlander, aka cosmofone, for providing the compilation to be seeded to Easytree for the Wailers fans out there.  Respect!

Max’s Kansas City, 1973

The Wailers 1973

Please visit to read more about this show.  Additional reviews and interviews can be found here.

Bob Marley and the Wailers: Philly 1976

Bob Marley 1976

The Tower Theater is located at the intersection of 69th and Ludlow Streets. It is adjacent to 69th Street Terminal and is just west of Philadelphia. Since the 1970s, it has been a popular venue for music acts. Known for its natural acoustic properties, the venue has been used for recording live albums by many bands.

Bob Marley and the Wailers open their Rastaman Vibration Tour at the Tower on April 23, 1976.  It’s a special night for Bob and The Wailers.  They are scheduled to play two shows.  Bob’s mother, Cedella Booker, will travel the 30 minutes from her home in nearby Wilmington, Delaware to see her son, now a bona fide rock star, play at a North American venue for the first time.  The Wailers, now sporting roots guitarist Donald Kinsey and a game Earl “Chinna” Smith, are both excited and apprehensive about playing the new songs off their Rastaman Vibration album – which will hit stores the following week on April 30, 1976.  What a way to introduce the new songs…to an eager audience in one of North America’s most historic cities.

The Tower is the place where David Bowie and the Spiders from Mars are introduced to America in 1972.  Bowie records his Live album here as well.   The then-unknown Genesis with Peter Gabriel are introduced that same year.  The place where Springsteen introduced the world to his new E Street Band, with Max Weinberg and Roy Bittan in 1974.

Marley takes his turn to introduce his new guitarist Donald Kinsey during their performance of crowd favorite “Kinky Reggae.”  Now sporting two lead guitarists, The Wailers bring more of a guitar-driven rock sound to the audience in Philly.  Marley is in a great mood and speaks directly to the crowd when introducing each song.  The Rita Marley-penned “Johnny Was” finds its place in the setlist and gets a fitting introduction from Marley:

“Do I now have to say thank you»? I know how, thank you! Now, this one was like, you know, this experience is that…’Johnny Was.’ A woman hold her head and cry, ’cause her son had been shot down in the streets and die, all because of the system. Now, the system. The system, talkin’ about the system. You know the system, what the system is? The system, the system! The system, you know? The system we’re living, the system! Things will strive away, you know? So the woman hold her head and cry, ’cause her son had been shot down in the streets and die, from a stray bullet. And I…”

An absolutely stunning song, with a powerful message, “Johnny Was” is played at far too many shows.  In my opinion, it is Marley’s most underrated tune.


I have included lossless (FLAC) audio of this show for your listening pleasure (I only have FLAC for the 1st show).  Give thanks, it is truly one of Marley’s gems.

Bob Marley and the Wailers
Live at the Tower Theater
Upper Darby, PA
April 23, 1976
1. Intro – 1:36
2. Rastaman Chant – 4:36
3. Conquering Lion > Keep That Faith – 6:01
4. Roots, Rock, Reggae 5:04
5. Burnin’ & Lootin’ – 5:12
6. Them Belly Full (But We Hungry) – 4:10
7. Rebel Music – 6:04
8. I Shot The Sheriff – 7:10
9. Johnny Was – 6:31
10. No More Trouble – 3:58
11. No Woman No Cry – 4:34
12. Kinky Reggae – 9:39
13. Night Shift – 5:49
14. Lively Up Yourself – 7:07
15. Rat Race – 4:49
16. Want More – 9:43
17. Positive Vibration – 4:55
18. Get Up, Stand Up – 5:59
19. War – 6:31
20. Crazy Baldheads – 8:11
21. Jah Live – 4:32



Bob Marley & The Wailers, Tower Theatre, Upper Darby, PA, 4/23/76
SBD > ? > CD-R > EAC > FLAC
Preserve Quality.  Pass it on.  hawkfan369.  Verified lossless 3-8-06

Bob Marley and the Wailers 1976

Donald Kinsey

© Lee Jaffe