Tosh Plays Ahoy Hallen plus Midnight Dread on Tosh

Today I’m sharing a blazing show that Peter Tosh and Word, Sound, and Power played at the Ahoy Sports Complex on September 9, 1983.  I have also included Midnight Dread’s review of Peter’s 1987 Grammy Award-winning album “No Nuclear War,”  and some Tosh headlines from September 1983.

Of note, Tosh tours Europe during September/October.  He first uses his custom machine gun guitar live in Barcelona, Spain on September 16, 1983.

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Also check for classic progressive reggae.


Jamaica Gleaner, September 1, 1983

Jamaica Gleaner, September 3, 1983

Jamaica Gleaner September21, 1983

Don Carlos Sings The Classics

Today I am sharing a classic show by one of my favorite vocalists, Don Carlos.  Aside from being a founding member of Black Uhuru, Carlos has one of the most distinctive voices in reggae.  His voice is instantly recognizable, and his songs are legendary.  Here he performs all of his classic tunes in High Definition at the Northwest World Reggae Festival in 2011.

Be sure to watch in HD!

“Brother Georgie” and Balie Reid

“And then Georgie would make the fire light,
Log wood burnin’ through the night.”

                                                     “No Woman, No Cry”

So I received the coolest gift from Roger Steffens today.  It’s not often that he shares his archives anymore as he has been burned by far too many ego-tripping traders masquerading as fans, who take and take, just to sit on it and brag about what they got and you don’t – but I digress.  So when he does share from his archives, it’s usually something very unique.  This item is no exception.

I appreciate this because it is something more personal; something that Roger helped craft.

Here is the message that Roger sent to me through email:

I wanted to share something with you for the 100,000 view celebration.

This is a shot that has never been published anywhere before. I call it ‘”Brother Georgie” Robinson and artist Balie Reid Doubled.’

Balie was the successor to Neville Garrick as Art Director of Tuff Gong. During that time he made an elaborate drawing of “Brother Georgie” who to this day lives in a room in the back of Tuff Gong at 56 Hope Road.  I took a picture of Balie’s face, then shot the drawing on top of it, on film.  The result shows that everything matched except their noses, quite remarkably. In fact, Balie made it his business card.  Last I heard of Balie he was deep in the New Mexican desert doing post-Doctoral work in nuclear physics! A really great guy.

Andrew Tosh Hits the Road Hard This Summer

A series of New Zealand performances by reggae star, and son of the late legend Peter Tosh, Andrew Tosh have been announced. Tosh will be backed by New Zealand’s David Grace & Injustice.

2012 marks not only the 50th anniversary of Jamaica’s independence, but also the 25th anniversary of Peter Tosh’s tragic and untimely death in Jamaica.

Andrew Tosh, only 20 years old when his father was murdered, performed two songs at the funeral service. His career would take off in earnest the following year with the release of his debut album, Original Man; the follow-up, Make Place For The Youth, earned a Grammy nomination.

His most recent releases, Andrew Sings Tosh: He Never Died (2004) and Legacy: An Acoustic Tribute To Peter Tosh are critically acclaimed tributes to the legacy of his father.  Legacy: An Acoustic Tribute To Peter Tosh earned a Grammy nomination in 2010.

Andrew Tosh will fly to France for a European tour directly from New Zealand in July, following five weeks in the country.

Tickets for the shows are available from the venues and from

I have included an excerpt from Tosh’s show in Curitiba, Brazil from December 17, 2005.

I have said it before, and I will say it again now.  I saw Andrew Tosh and Michael Rose on tour together in 1999 and it was, without a doubt, the best experience I’ve ever had at a reggae show.  Tosh left it all on stage that night.  You will not be disappointed by seeing Tosh live.

Stephen Marley, Live Oak, FL, April 14, 2011

“He would say music is serious and if you’re not serious, better you go study to be a doctor.”
—Stephen Marley recalling his father’s advice


Today I’m sharing a superb sounding Stephen Marley show from April 14, 2011 in Live Oak, Florida.  DO NOT MISS THIS HIGH QUALITY SHOW!