Peter Tosh: The Bush Doctor Sessions

Included here are demo recordings from the Bush Doctor sessions (1978).  The album, recorded at Dynamics and Joe Gibbs Studios, was released in 1978 on the Rolling Stones Records label.  Produced by Tosh, Robbie Shakespeare, and the Glimmer Twins, it followed a critically and commercially successful Legalize It, which is now considered one of the greatest reggae albums ever recorded.  The album cover famously had a scratch-n-sniff sticker that smelled of ganja.
The ‘players of instruments’ on the album include:
Peter Tosh – Rhythm & acoustic guitars, clavinet, audio harp, lead vocals
Robbie Shakespeare – Bass, pick guitar, guitar, horn arrangements
Sly Dunbar – Drums, Gato Box
Mikey Chung – Lead guitar, Moog synthesizer, Fender Rhodes, pick guitar
Robert Lyn – Acoustic piano, organ, Fender Rhodes, clavinet
Keith Sterling – Keyboards
Luther François – Soprano sax
Donald Kinsey – Lead guitar
Larry McDonald – Percussion
Uziah “Sticky” Thompson – Percussion
Keith Richards – Guitar on “Bush Doctor” & “Stand Firm”
Mick Jagger – Vocals with Peter Tosh on “(You Gotta Walk) Don’t Look Back”
Peter Tosh:  Bush Doctor Sessions (Demos)
01-Dont Look Back 3:19
02-Pick Myself Up 3:56
03-The Toughest 3:52
04-Soon Come 3:54
05-Moses 3:31
06-Bush Doctor 4:02
07-Stand Firm 6:02
08-Dem Haffi Get A Beatin’ 4:10
09-Creation 6:13
10-Dem Haffi Get A Beatin’ 5:32
11-The Toughest 5:39
12-The Toughest 4:32
13-Dont Look Back 5:18
14-Soon Come 5:16
15-Pick Myself Up 4:12
16-Oh Bumbo Claat 3:11
17-Lessons In My Life 5:36



4 thoughts on “Peter Tosh: The Bush Doctor Sessions

  1. Greetings Raver!
    Firstly, thanks for sharing all this wonderful music and interesting articles to read.
    I truly appreciate what you and your friends are doing on this blog.
    I’ve (re)discovered many gems which I didn’t know or had forgotten.

    That brings me to secondly,
    these “demo recordings” of Bush Doctor. I’ve dl’ed and listened to them.
    But it seems many of the tracks are the released vinyl versions,
    perhaps taped to cassette before being ripped (due to the hiss/noise).

    Here is a description of which mixes I think the songs are:

    Peter Tosh: Bush Doctor Sessions (Demos) 1978

    01-Dont Look Back 3:49
    02-Pick Myself Up 3:56
    03-The Toughest 3:52
    04-Soon Come 3:54
    05-Moses 3:31
    06-Bush Doctor 4:02
    07-Stand Firm 6:02
    08-Dem Ha Fe Get A Beatin’ 4:10
    09-Creation 6:13
    Tracks 1/9 are the vinyl album versions

    10-Dem Haffi Get A Beatin’ 5:32 = also known as the ‘very long mix’.
    This version has no overdubs.
    11-The Toughest 5:39 = also known as the ‘longer take’.
    An obvious alternate take compared to the album release.

    12-The Toughest 4:32 = identical to Tough Rock Soft Stones.
    Which appeared as a bonus track on the 2002 remaster of “Bush Doctor”.

    13-Dont Look Back 5:18 = the vinyl 12″ version (unfortunately it clips).
    14-Soon Come 5:16 = ditto the vinyl 12″ version.

    15-Pick Myself Up 4:12 = the same as the ‘long mix’ of 4:08 but with its pitch corrected as it ran a bit fast. A more complete take of the album cut.

    16-Oh Bumbo Claat 3:11 (this is probably the “Wanted” album version.
    It is clipped, fades in and cuts at the end).

    17-Lessons In My Life 5:36 = the ‘outtake’ which also appeared as a bonus track on the 2002 remaster. (It starts with the ‘Stop That Train’ drum lead-in and fades out into the Upsetter’s ‘Wolf Out Deh).

    Concluding: tracks 1/9,13,14 (and very likely 16) are the released vinyl mixes.
    Tracks 12 and 17 have been released as bonus tracks on cd.
    And tracks 10,11 (and 15 with a different pitch) are identical to the
    “Bush Doctor Rough Mixes”, and likely the only real demos.

    Anyway this is how it sounds to my ears [But I’ve been listening to this album from since I was a young lad in 1978 😉 ]
    I hope this helps with catalogueing all the stuff that’s out there.

    Thanks again for all the great things on your blog.

    Don Julian

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