Titans Clash, BMW’s Uprising on the way, Silicon Chip Africa Starship inna Midnight Dread Radio Show #26, KTIM June 30th 1980


The summer of 1980. A time when Bob Marley and John Lennon were still on earth for a bit while longer, the last summer they’d both see, a time before Reagan was elected, a time when Thatcher should have aerated England in order to avoid the kind of thatching that stifles growth. All science fiction is basically ‘Forward To The Past’ because as soon as the future it envisions arrives it turns out it’s not one that’s been viewed from before. Listen to the amazingly hopefully prescient song by Basement Five, heard here on a scarce 7″ single, entitled “Silicon Chip” which speculates the coming robot revolution & video gaming will give us more leisure time echoing ahead Linton Kwesi Johnson’s classic plea from years later “More Time”. Alas we end up with Harshness 2.0 instead. Lost jobs just mean more misery, even idleness is on the dole. Sons of Jah sing about “Fooling The Children”, Bob replies “Babylon System” is the vampire, Gregory sports a “Hand Cuff” in solidarity. I talk about Bob Marley’s new album already out in Jamaica. Earl Zero does a spot for Matumbi. Mikey Dread beefs up The Clash versions of “Bank Robber / Rockers Galore / UK Tour” and best of all, right in the opening set after Desmond Dekker remakes “Israelites” & The Beat blasts “Rankin’ Full Stop”, the San Francisco Bay Area’s Fabulous Titans are captured in all their swinging glory, live at Berkeley Square just a few days before, on June 17th 1980, uncorking “Don’t Look Back” with a verve & vengeance that puts Motown & Peter Tosh on notice. “Hey, we’re dubbin’ here!”

Here’s a scarce poster of a show from 1984, also in Berkeley, California, birthplace of the ‘free speech movement’:

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Peter Tosh Live Grenoble, France, June 26, 1981 (Re-Up)

Today I am sharing a brilliant performance by Peter Tosh in Grenoble, France on June 26, 1981.  In addition I have included an article from the New Musical Express, which was published on July 4, 1981,  just days after his performance.

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Peter Tosh
Live at the Palais Des Sports
Grenoble, FR
June 26, 1981

1. Introduction
2. Stepping Razor
3. African
4. Coming In Hot
5. Don’t Look Back
6. Rock With me
7. Mystic Man 
8. I’m The Toughest
9. Bush Doctor
10. Rastafari


Guess The Artist!

by Peter van Arnhem

We will be doing a bit of interacting here at MIDNIGHT RAVER.  On a weekly basis, we will post a 1 min. clip of the b-side version of a tune.  The next day we will post the entire a-side tune.  All you have to do is guess the artist and you will receive a shout on the blog and some sort of prize (if we can manage!).

Let’s try this.  Here is the version:

If you know the answer, simply type it in the comments area below.

Stay tuned for the a-side and answer tomorrow!

JAH WORKS Live at Alley Katz, Richmond, VA, May 27, 2005

Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 6.15.06 AM

I’d like to give some love right now to a local group who I’ve been watching since about 2001.  I labeled them the “Baltimore Bomb Squad” in the piece I wrote about them last year.  I’m speaking of course of JAH WORKS, the finest reggae collective in the DC-MD-VA region.  I’ve seen them play lunch break at my job and I’ve seen them open for Stephen Marley.  They represent real roots reggae to the fullest every time.  Looking forward to seeing them this summer.

Here is an excellent audio recording by Sean Wahlburg from Alley Katz in Richmond, VA, May 27, 2005.  Click the player to listen to the show.

Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 6.10.01 AM

Disc 1:

01. Intro
02. Here We Go
03. What You Gonna Do?
04. Casual Fling
05. Jamaica >
06. Chalice >
07. Right Here
08. That Day…The More I See
09. Small Axe
10. Masterpiece >
11. The Mirror

Disc 2:

01. So Dem Bad
02. Could You Be Loved?
03. Hard To Find
04. If You Wit Me > *
05. Tentative
06. One For You
07. Encore: Bad Mind