Clive Chin Productions: Rare Black Uhuru, Gladiators

Here are two rare 7″s from the Roots, Rock, Randy’s box set released in 2012 by VP Records.  The set of seven 7″s, executive produced by Clive Chin,  include rare selections from Chin’s private archive which he made available to fans for the very first time last past year. 

Black Uhuru’s “Going To Zion” (originally titled “Time Is On Our Side”)features the foundation Uhuru trio of Don Carlos, Garth Dennis, and Duckie Simpson.  To read an interview I did with Garth where he discusses in detail the formation of Uhuru and their journey to reformation in 1990, CLICK HERE.  Note Augustus Pablo on keys in the intro.

The Gladiators’ “The Race” is vintage Albert Griffiths.  A must listen for any roots rock reggae fan.




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