Midnight Dread #28 with Word Sound & Power filmmaker Jerry Stein, Craven Choke Puppy, Dub Dat, 7 inch-a-thon KTIM, San Rafael CA July 14th 1980


“A sea of reggae music” is what you get as Jerry & Doug drive to curate this well-rounded circular circus of sounds with several scarcities in ska, rock steady & dub. The filmmaker behind the Soul Syndicate WSP film unleashes shot after shot and reports on just witnessing the premiere of ROCKERS in New York City as well as a private screening of the new REGGAE SUNSPLASH film with Bob Marley & others. Doug volleys back with vital vinyl. Earl Zero does a personal ad for his new VISIONS OF LOVE lp. Jacob Miller, King Perry, Junior & Mikey Dread, Augustus Pablo, Toots, Alton, Diamonds, Hurricanes, Classics, Doreen & Brentford, Kojak & Liza, Prince Fari, The Lion of Judah, Fist To Fist Rub A Dub… what’s not to Ites?



Dreadcasting & streaming liquid audio gems with daily 21st Century Midnight Dread programs at 12am including deja views often heard in Wendt’s Best of All Worlds slot when noon is high. Become conscious with the indigenous sounds of Native Son Rising curated by Doug everyday at 6am (all Pacific Times). Explore more Midnight Dreadness here.

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