R. Zee Jackson “Play On” (Rio)

R. Zee Jackson (also known as Esso Jaxxon or Castro Pink) spent his early childhood in Clarendon and Old Harbour, St. Catherine, Jamaica. In 1973 he went to the United States on a cultural exchange program – working in summer camps and in 1975 he migrated to Canada. While in Canada he met Oswald Creary of the Half Moon studio and Doug of Comfort Sounds Studios. He also met and recorded with Jackie Mittoo who was living in Canada. R. Zee recorded his own songs one the BeeZee Sounds Production label and also recorded on the C.C. Records label.

Later on he was introduced to Leroy Sibbles (The Heptones) who aimed to teach him a few things such as singing harmonies – thus R. Zee Jackson ended up singing on stage and touring with Sibbles Ital Groove band. The band was one of Canada’s more prolific reggae groups touring half of the year and working in studios the rest of the year.

R. Zee Jackson also joined the group The Groove (also known as Jamafrica and Hit Squad – a slightly different line up to the Ital Groove band) that was playing when Sibbles was on tour without the full Ital Groove band. During this time he also recorded the album »Seat Up« that was released in 1980. He would still tour with Ital Groove when possible.

He has since been active in the music industry not only as a performer but also running his own studio DubWorl Audio Visual HQ. He also has worked for Imaaj Music and been VP of marketing for Kings of Kings Inc.

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