Awareness Art Ensemble ‘Coming Home’ (1988)

The 1988 album titled ‘Coming Home’ by Richmond, VA’s Awareness Art Ensemble was crucial in developing my ear for reggae.  This album was one of those monumental albums that entered my life at just the right time, and I have held on to it ever since.  This album is pure roots & culture killers with no filler.  Interesting note:  The drummer for AAE Ernest “Zebulon” Williams is now the drummer for Familyman’s Wailers.  I hooked up with him and had a great discussion about AAE when they were here in January.  Before hooking up with the Wailers, he was the drummer for the Kenny Chesney Band believe it or not!

CLICK HERE to read more about this great reggae band from Richmond, VA.



Yours truly with Drummie Zeb and Familyman, Howard Theatre, Washington DC, January 13, 2013

One thought on “Awareness Art Ensemble ‘Coming Home’ (1988)

  1. Ras Mel of AAE also plays with the Wailers sometimes. OJ and Ras Mel still play reggae around Richmond and beyond.

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