We are soliciting submissions for an original, official MIDNIGHT RAVER logo.  If you have the creative and artistic skills needed to create an original logo for this website, we are asking you to draw it up and send it to us at midnightraverblog@gmail.com before August 15, 2013.  Once we have received the submissions we will pick 3 that most closely identify with the vibe here at MIDNIGHT RAVER and post those 3 logos to the blog with a readers’ poll.  The final selection will be up to our readers.

The creator of the winning logo will win a very rare, and very special, item from within my collection – something that will never be posted to this blog.  So you will truly possess something that only a handful of people in the world have!

Use your creative talents to come up with something that identifies with what we do here:  reggae, dub, vinyl, roots, culture, Rastafari, dread…..

Now get to it!

– Raver


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