Whether New Sheriff or Pope In Town, Un Paso Adelante, Roots Reggae Pounding inna Midnight Dread #29 July 21st 1980


Read it in the news. Lee Perry’s brand new foot long forty five “Bafflin’ Smoke Signal” is the latest Midnight Dread on KTIM Reggae Rocker of the week 33 years ahead this twilight when all-time radio ‘Kay-Tea-I-Am’ fills the sky with MD reggae waves still rippling. Bob Marley’s UPRISING is one week away so The Sheriff of Trenchtown draws down The Deputy one more time to start the show. Carlos Malcolm giddy-ups “Bonanza Ska” as Duppy’s ghost town sound shows early inklings. Maytones elevate “Madness” to new levels of sanity so Madness must go one step beyond in Spanish. The Maytals celebrate that elating end of work-day feeling, Matumbi & I Roy easy squeeze out a lickle more loving, Sheena Spirit & The Third Eyes boisterously boost JA sounds, while Pulse, Spear, Dennis, Gladiators, Selecter & many others chime in. Just another Sunday night on San Francisco bay area radio when public service programming dominated the dial as Midnight Dread, one of the only musical offerings in that time slot, was actually delivering the service folks needed most. Marley may be the new Sheriff in town but Lee Scratch Perry dons his spectacles & hard-earned Popehat while brandishing his holy staff rodly correcting the powers-that-be right in front of a Swiss Bank as he declares The Vatican City of Inequity bankrupt & Reggae the New World Order:


Bafflin'Smoke Signalbc

Dreadcasting & streaming smokin’ audio selections with daily 21st Century Midnight Dread programs at 12am including repeat plays often heard in Wendt’s Best of All Worlds slot when noon is high. Wake up with the indigenous sounds of Native Son Rising curated by Doug everyday at 6am (all Pacific Times). Explore more Midnight Dreadness here and with MD on Raver.

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