“NO WOMAN NO CRY The Life of Bob Marley” 1981 booklet by Dr. G. K. Osei


Here’s the cover and one of the scarce photos reproduced inside. First issued by The African Publication Society in London in September 1981 and written by Professor of African History Dr. G. K. Osei. The 44 page booklet is 5 1/2 inch by 8 1/4 inches. Includes sections entitled The Island Of Jamaica, Saint Marcus M. Garvey, His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie, Marley’s Early Life, Origin Of Reggae, The Original And Later Wailers, Marley In The USA, Marley And Africa, Marley And WLIB & WBLS, Illness Death And Burial, Marley The Man, and Tributes To Marley featuring quotes from Marcia Griffiths, Skill Cole, Judith Mowatt, Member of JA Parliament Anthony Spaulding, Edward Seaga, and The Workers’ Party of Jamaica. It features over 30 photos, many not seen elsewhere. Dedicated in part to Jacob Miler. Natty & nice. Smile Jamaica since smile never out of style. Screwface underground. Smilin’ Skip & Big Neck Security:


Midnight Dread selects the “Top Six ‘Unreleased’ Bob Marley Videos” (outside of Smile JA & Heartland Reggae) plus reviews “The Sacred Scrolls of Bob Marley -A Dread In The Life- Bob Marley on CD by Doug Wendt” *Facebook Midnight Dread updates *Daily radio shows

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