The Best Vinyl Pressing of 2013


Competition was very stiff, but if you are going to purchase just one vinyl pressing this year, it must be this one.

“Selassie SolJahz in Dub” is that record we’ve all been waiting for.  Can he step into his father’s shoes and carry this tradition that is almost a religion to those of us lucky enough to feel the vibes Augustus Pablo sent out into the ether?  Well, you must make up your own mind.  I am stunned…that’s right…stunned with the quality of this release.  Collector’s grade packaging and vinyl, crisp, clear audio, and Addis Pablo doing his thing on melodica.  You catch that?  HIS thing.  This is not recycled Augustus Pablo sounds, this is played from the heart and from the spirit where his father still resides.  I know this because I’ve talked with him about it at length.  I consider Addis Pablo and RasJammy friends of both myself and this blog.  We were one of the first to step out on behalf of Suns of Dub and our loyalty has not waivered.  This is reggae.  This is reggae.

Side A of the 10″ is pure Pablo dub vibes through and through.  On the B-Side we have an excellent vocal version feat. Chronixx, Sizzla, Protoje and Kabaka Pyramid on the vocal and Addis on melodica.

COP THIS NOW!  This is a limited release and they are flying off the shelves.  Everyone wants this piece of history.  This is a real collector’s item.  Don’t let it get away.  Click the advert in the sidebar and get your very own from

If you don’t do vinyl, you can also download it from Amazon and Itunes!

Do me a favor.  If you like their work, go buy the vinyl or the digital download.  Don’t just pirate it from the internet.  Good people making good music for all the right reasons.


One thought on “The Best Vinyl Pressing of 2013

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