Peter Tosh Live Audio Re-Ups!

Peter Tosh – The Bush Doctor Sessions

Peter Tosh – Live at the Kabuki Theater, San Francisco, CA 1982

Peter Tosh – Live at My Father’s Place

Peter Tosh – Live at Grenoble, France 1981

Peter Tosh – Live at Jaap Eden Halle, Amsterdam, 1981

Peter Tosh – Live in NYC, July 6, 1983

Peter Tosh – Live at Park West Chicago, IL, February 28, 1979

Also included here is an article and interview by Terri Larsen with drummer Santa Davis and bassist George “Fully” Fullwood of Tosh’s band Word, Sound, and Power.  The article appeared in a 1990 issue of Reggae Report.  Reggae Report was such a great publication, probably my favorite reggae news and info magazine.  I recently donated to them in order to help fund the collection, digitizing, and storage of their archives.  Crucial works being done.

Page 180005

Page 190006

Page 420007


One thought on “Peter Tosh Live Audio Re-Ups!

  1. Nice site… Thanks for the re-ups. I used to collect Tosh shows on tape. One never could have imagined the widespread sharing that the internet has provided us.

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