When people talk about the greatest dub albums ever recorded, many will say the Augustus Pablo’s ‘King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown’ is the best dub album.  While I agree that this album is beyond excellent, and should be part of any conversation regarding the greatest dub album, I’ll take Lee Perry & The Upsetters’ ‘Super Ape‘ or Augustus Pablo’s ‘Original Rockers’ any day as my two greatest dub albums.

This week we feature The Upsetters’ 1976 masterpiece ‘Super Ape.’

Super Ape is produced and engineered by Lee “Scratch” Perry, however, it is credited to his studio band The Upsetters.

In Jamaica, the album was released under the name ‘Scratch the Super Ape’ in July 1976 on Perry’s own Upsetter label. The Jamaican version had a different track order than the international version that was released in August the same year on Island Records.  What is so great about this album are not the wild and inventive dub effects characteristic of most dub albums, but the minimalist vibe that Perry brings out, often using whatever was laying around in the studio to create new sounds.  Most are still amazed to this day that Perry was always able to do so much with so very little.  That is what makes him a true genius and, in my opinion, the greatest record producer/engineer the world has ever known.

I experimented with a new MIDNIGHT RAVER intro bumper at the start of the album, let me know what you think!


1. Zion’s Blood
2. Croaking Lizard
3. Black Vest
4. Underground
5. Curly Dub
6. Dread Lion
7. Three In One
8. Patience
9. Dub Along
10. Super Ape


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