Shot after Shot! UPRISING Released! Twenty One Top Ranking Reggae Rockers of the Week all in Midnight Dread #30


“At the crack of midnight the past is eclipsed” wrote Michael Fairchild of the Jimi Hendrix song “Midnight” in his 1995 liner notes for the Jimi simulated THE FIRST RAY OF THE NEW RISING SUN release VOODOO SOUP, the supposed follow-up to ELECTRIC LADYLAND some 25 years later. Meanwhile 33 years ahead on July 28th, 1980 Midnight Dread begins the sun shadow by providing the burning daylight of new Bob Marley tracks by starting the radio program the week UPRISING was first issued with the brand skankin’ new Jamaican single version of “Bad Card:

Propaganda spreading over my name;
Say you wanna bring another life to shame.
Oh, man, you just a-playing a game
And then you draw bad card…


I want to disturb my neighbour,
‘Cause I’m feelin’ so right;
I want to turn up my disco,
Blow them to full watts tonight, eh! –
In a rub-a-dub style!

In a matter of weeks Bob would collapse in New York City. The game was about to get colted big time and UPRISING was filled with many lyrical premonitions. “The road of life is rocky and you may stumble too… Stay alive! Eh! Could you be love and be loved?” However in late July 1980 classic progressive roots rock reggae was still in top form & full force, sleng teng & shame t’ing just a distant foreboding. So I & I count up the vital 21 KTIM Reggae Rockers picks of the week, tunes that were getting play all week long when ‘the last freeform’ classic progressive commercial rock station waved reggae’s freedom flag high 24/7 365. Jah Jah power endureth for-Iver:


Dreadcasting & streaming smokin’ audio selections with daily 21st Century Midnight Dread programs at 12am including repeat plays often heard in Wendt’s Best of All Worlds slot when noon is high. Wake up with the indigenous sounds of Native Son Rising curated by Doug everyday at 6am (all Pacific Times). Explore more Midnight Dreadness here and with MD on Raver.

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