I Got 7 inches!

More 7″ vinyl from the MIDNIGHT RAVER archives!

The Upsetter upsetting Babylon…


“Let me inna de dance gate mon!”


Deejay version to Dennis Brown’s “My Time”


Truly classic vibes from Phase 1


“Swing & dine & dance a good time.”  Early one from Roots Radics lead guitarist Bingy Bunny (RIP).


Words do not do it justice.  Long live Bullwackie…


“Have you ever been outside when the rain is falling?”  One of my favorite reggae tunes….period.  Radics on the track.


“What about the other half?”


Fiery groove from Jimmy Radway & Fe Me Time All Stars…crazy.


Who does not like this tune?  It’s an impossible one…


Double shot to your dome from the greatest voice in reggae…


This one a treasure!  On the Aires label?  Come on…


Step away from this tune.  I repeat.  Step away from this tune.  It ruff!  U-Brown interview soon come…

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