Midnite In Dub (A Midnight Raver Mix)

For your weekend, a hard and heavy dub mix from the reigning kings of roots reggae MIDNITE.  You know the motto: “Come heavy or don’t come at all.”  Highlights include the opening headbanger “Incline Dub” in a ‘Children of Jah’ vibe, “Ras To The Bone” in dub (“Fierce, Fast, and Low”), “Jubilees of Zion” in dub, “13,” “Ana Manikin,” and DO NOT MISS “Hunger and Dub,” which I mixed with Burning Spear’s “Jah No Dead” a capella style.  My exclusive story tracing the roots of MIDNITE back to 1995 in Washington, DC soon come!

All tracks selected personally by the Midnight Raver for your journey.  Sit down, buckle in, and enjoy the ride….


MIDNITE – Incline Dub
MIDNITE – Fierce, Fast, and Low Dub
MIDNITE – Jubilees in Dub
MIDNITE – Ana Manakin
MIDNITE – Children of Jah Dub
MIDNITE – Attacking The Dub
MIDNITE – Eyes of Fyah Dub
MIDNITE – Hunger and Dub
MIDNITE – Supply and Demand Dub
MIDNITE – Senseless Event Dub
MIDNITE – Carboniferous Dub
MIDNITE – Nothing Restrain Dub
MIDNITE – Mighty Race Dub
MIDNITE – Just To Live Dub
MIDNITE – Maintain Dub


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