New Tosh concert Footage set for release?

PLUS a live performance of “Igziabeher (Let Jah be Praise)” from the Legalize It tour 1976!

There is significant news on the Peter Tosh front as Reggae SuperJam promoter Kingsley Cooper was recently quoted in Billboard magazine stating that he plans to to release the official footage of Tosh’s final concert performance.  There is no indication regarding a release date, however, Cooper is collaborating with the Tosh estate on the annual Peter Tosh Music Festival scheduled for October 19-21 in Belmont, Westmoreland and there has been talk about a possible showing of the film during that weekend and a subsequent release to the international audience.

“There is so much history with the Tosh brand, in what Peter stood for and his music,” Cooper notes, “we will use what we have as products to rebuild the brand and market an even better brand as we go along.”

Here is my favorite live performance of “Igziabeher (Let Jah Be Praise).”  This performance was recorded live to a 4-track recorder at the Sanders Theater in Cambridge, MA on November 26, 1976 during the ‘Legalize It’ tour.  I love this performance because the band opens with a 5-minute intro to “Igziabeher (Let Jah Be Praise)” that is the most phenomenal display of guitar-playing that I’ve ever heard in reggae.  On stage that night you had three uber-talented guitar players in Peter Tosh, Donald Kinsey, and the Wailers’ Al Anderson and they leave it all on-stage within the first 5-minutes!  I’m sure people were pasing the f— out just witnessing what was going down on-stage.

This performance opens my favorite live reggae album Peter Tosh Live and Dangerous:  Boston 1976 which was released by Columbia/Legacy in 2001.

sanders theater october 24

M150720W595 - Copy

MB150720W595 - Copy

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