Mikey Dread Live Broadcast WERS Rockers, Emerson College, Boston, 2001

My good friend and supporter of this blog David Baumann AKA “the reggae lawyer” blessed me with this treasure.  So to David I say many thanks and I look forward to helping you build a platform to promote JAH music for the betterment of the artists we love so much.

WERS 88.9 FM is Boston’s Discovery Station, helping listeners discover their next favorite artist, band or album whether it’s new, local, independent, or re-discovered classic. The station provides an eclectic mix of indie rock, alternative and folk, with specialty Reggae, Hip Hop and family friendly programs. WERS broadcasts from Emerson College, commercial-free, to Boston and beyond.  Every now and then, the great Mikey Dread would drop by the station and take over the airwaves.  Lucky for us, David grabbed a tape and began recording.  This is what he captured.

For more about Mikey Dread and the influence his life and works has over this site, please READ THIS!

1. Reggae Gone International
2. Break Down the Walls
3. Roots and Culture


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