Bob Marley Tour & Ras Michael Info in REGGAE NEWS Vol. 2 No. 3 & 4 late 1979


Following in the footsteps of former REGGAE NEWS North America’s Strictly Reggae News Service Editor Scott Piering, who was instrumental in first bringing Bob Marley & The Wailers live to San Francisco in Oct. 1973, I took the helm of the fledgling 17 by 11 1/2 inch Northern California based newspaper and chocked it full of text and thunder. Here’s the cover page with PENETRATION (Contents), the start of an amazing Tosh interview with Hank Holmes & Roger Steffens, Tabby Diamond in Monterey Tribal Stomp photo from Eugenia Polos and more plus a close-up scan of the back page with detailed news on tours from Bob Marley as well as a picture and description of the drums used by The Sons of Negus and other grounation groups. Cover also features article on JA, USA, UK, Holland and Canada reggae runnings i.e. World-Wide Rockers with a general statement on MUSIC from Selassie I Son A. Doeman and a photo by Robert Fineman of The Reggae Regulars live in Amsterdam. I’ve offered a few remaining mint copies I recently uncovered of this on eBay. Please purchase one to help fund the archive works often seen online here and at if you’re interested. Give thanks.

The Ras Michael article ends with this personal message to his prospective American audiences from the man himself: “To all roots lovers irrespective of color, class, or creed, wadada, that means love, and try to keep your roots more firm in the ground that you may be supported by Mother Nature and Father Time.”


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