Peter Broggs “No Ism Pon The Riddim”/”Jah Jah Voice” (Extended)

We have been profiling the great reggae artists and their albums for almost 3 years here at MIDNIGHT RAVER and we have barely scratched the surface on all of the great reggae music.  Take this one for instance…

At the young age of 27, Rastafari youth Peter Broggs meets a 27 year old ambitious white American outside a Jamaican recording studio.  The conversation convinces Broggs that the vibes is level.  The American is a huge fan of the artist and wants to produce and distribute a REAL Rastafari record for Broggs.  A friendship is formed and Broggs is the first artist signed to Doctor Dread’s Washington, DC-based Ras Records.  Dread produces and releases the first LP on RAS Records, Rastafari Liveth by Peter Broggs, still one of the realest Rastafari records ever recorded.  One year after the passing of King Marley, Rasta is alive and well in Jamaica.  A new hope…

Featuring the Roots Radics, Maxie and Scientist on the mix.



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