Rock Steady To Life with Midnight Dread #35 asking Who Slew Scratch’s Chicken?


33 years ahead sounds from sun up to sundown as Midnight Dread plays Desmond in the marketplace along with enough rock steady and one of the last great tracks ever recorded at Lee Perry’s Black Ark Washington Garden studios in Jamaica possibly portending its coming demise, the haunting cry of the perpetrated “Who Killed The Chicken”, final cow moans and all. Life goes on with life savers from John, Paul, George & Ringo as Desmond puts on his pretty face with an all-time “More We Live” medley others chime in with “That’s Life” & its toast “Facts Of Life” before Bob Andy attacks “Life” with vital vigor “so if we never use the brain, then only carcass would remain” amidst some of reggae’s most profound lyrics ever. Toots shines all kinda light with sun, moon, & star beams a plenty into Burning Spear callin’ on you whenever “The Sun” goes down. A chilling classic “Speak The Truth” cauterizes the wounds by combining the amazing talents of Ranking Reuben with the Daughters of Negus & The Sons of Jah. A quick sidetrack into the rock news of the day includes more examples of the genre’s decline & decadence just as John Lennon returns from years of governmental repression disguised as domesticity while Patty Hearst goes Surf Punks with Jack Nicholson & Mick Jagger, all potential ‘Best Dressed Chickens In Town’ inna Jollywood Babylon.


Then it’s rockin’ steady judgment with The Defenders setting them free along with some skinhead stompin’ and what smells like “Teenage Ska” with Baba Brooks & band. Nicky Thomas live from a Trojan Reggae Party does an especially scorchin’ version at the stroke of 12 am of Wilson Pickett’s “Midnight Hour” joined with Dylan’s “Lay Lady Lay” slippin’ into rockin’ it with I and I on the trains that come, choo choo steady, and then climb their way to Montreal’s World Exposition in 1967. All aboard. Your ticket to ride is powerfully pre-punched!


Dreadcasting over the air and online daily 21st Century Midnight Dread programs at 12am including replays often heard in his Best of All Worlds high noon slot and where one can also become conscious at 6am with the indigenous sounds of Native Son Rising, all curated by Doug everyday, all times Pacific. Many more Midnight Dread sights & sounds here and on this blog’s Midnight Dread page. Go deh. All of dem.

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