Mighty Threes “Rasta Business w/ Version” (MakaSound) 12″

Let this serve as a warning:  please sit down and strap in before listening to this 12″.  “Rasta Business”/”Rasta Business Dub” has to be one of the heaviest roots reggae tunes ever recorded.  Serious chiller vibes on this track, almost as if a ghost were singing the vocal.

The Mighty Threes is a vocal trio that formed in Jamaica in the mid-seventies.  One of the more obscure outfits to emerge, the Threes are Bernard Brown , Noel “Bunny ” Brown, Carlton and Gregory . The group released only one proper studio album titled Africa Shall Stretch For Her Hand – an album so heavy that the group had nothing left to say.  The mark they left is indelible.  The album was an impossible find, even for collectors, however, the French MakaSound label re-released the album along with the dub tracks several years back.  What a find!  The label also pressed 500 copies of the “Rasta Business” 12″ and lucky for you Raver has one of those 500.  Unfortunately, you can’t even find the repress anymore.  If you are lucky enough to come across it, buy it at any cost.




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