Augustus Pablo: Man From The Hills, NME, 1986

Included here is a great story about Augustus Pablo which was published in NME 11 October 1986.

Pablo features heavily in my 3-part written piece on Hugh Mundell, which is only days away from being published.  Titled “Great Tribulation:  The Life and Times of Hugh Mundell,” the story features rare interviews with Mundell from 1981, never-before released photos, audio, video, and interviews and input from many including Roger Steffens, Steve Barrow, Sir David Rodigan, documentary filmmaker Jerry Stein (Word, Sound and Power) and more.  The most well-researched and definitive piece ever written about Mundell, I hope to use it as a treatment for a book about Augustus Pablo and the Rockers label.

“Day of Judgement” is a single from the Africa Must Be By 1983 LP and was written and recorded by Mundell when he was just 15 years of age.

Pages from mundellnmepress

Pages from mundellnmepress-2


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