Sebastian Sturm & Exile Airline , New Album : A Grand Day Out , for November 2013

Today at midnight raver blog , we wants to draw your attention to Sebastian Sturm and Exile Airline band music , their lastest album will be released in November 2013.

Sebastian Sturm & Exile Airline : A Grand Day Out, published by Soulbeats Records / Harmonia Mundi.

sebastian sturm a grand day out album cover

sebastian sturm a grand day out album cover , Copyrights : Soulbeats Records.

The album including a featuring song with Harrison ‘Professor’ Stafford from Groundation, the song name being : Right To Remain Silent .
It’s also including work with Albert Minott (The Jolly Boys).

Sebastian Sturm & Exile Airline continue as a united group sharing a
common vision of music and it’s messages.

Years on the road have something to do with this …

Afer crossing Europe , Sebastian Sturm get back to the studios to record A Grand Day Out ! You’ll finally can discover this special harmony which has been built between
the band, discover this sought and sensitive music which cross reggae and rock staying true to the Roots of the 70’s.

Worked in depth by Sam Clayton Jr and Stephen Stewart two exceptional Jamaican reggae producers, A Grand Day Out is the culmination of a search for meanings and sounds.

There is no doubt this album embodies the essence of the flavor that Sebastian Sturm is looking for since his career’s debuts.

The album offers 12 tracks recorded in 13 days with the will to capture the present moments which will not last forever.
Result is unique melodious and sensitive .

Sebastian Sturm’s voice cradles and soothes, the singer uses it to explain his world view.
As to the musicians they are at their top offering a pure moment of experimentation and disorientaton.

Sebastian Sturm & Exile Airline relive the golden age of ska on «Hard To Carry On», they cross mento too with the legend Albert Minott (The Jolly Boys) who share his sublime voice on «More Music».

Finally Harrison Stafford (From Groundation) is invited on «Right To Remain Silent» to share with Sturm their love of reggae words and engagement.

Sebastian Sturm , Photo Copyright : Dominik Gerardts

Sebastian Sturm & Exile Airline, Photo Copyright : Dominik Gerardts

To learn more about Sebastian Sturm :

Thanks to Soulbeats Records and Harmonia Mundi Production.

Soulbeats Records :

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