Inity Weekly interviews “Bambataa” Marley

Our good friends at Inity Weekly just posted an “Innerview” with son of Ziggy Marley, Daniel “Bambaata” Marley, who has been blowing up the live scene lately.  We have been sharing content with Inity Weekly since we launched and they never fail to impress with in-depth innerviews and original content.


Though it has been over 30 years since his passing, Bob Marley continues to stand as an international symbol for hope, peace and action, all made possible through the reggae music we know and love.

Marley has left a legacy that is undoubtedly carried on by his offspring, from the continuation of music, to the brand that has been built by the house of Marley, offering products that range from food and beverage to apparel and even resorts.

Still, what does it mean to carry the recognizable family name? The question has been posed as to whether the works of the Marley family can live up to the legacy he left. And let’s be honest, us outsiders expect a top-notch production when it comes to yet another Marley artist making their way onto the music scene.

So, it’s needless to say that Bob Marley’s grandson, Daniel (son of Ziggy), has some big shoes to fill, as he is new to the music scene as a solo artist, doesn’t he? In his “inner-view” with Inity Weekly, the young Daniel Marley talks music, yes, but also emphasizes the importance of individuality and debunks the myths of what it means to be the grandson of a legend.



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