“Waiting In Vain” versions

Included here is a collection of very rare Bob Marley and the Wailers’ “Waiting In Vain” demos, alternates, and mixes.

“Waiting in Vain” is a song written by reggae musician Bob Marley and recorded by Bob Marley & The Wailers, for his 1977 album Exodus. Released as a single, it hit number twenty-seven in the UK Singles Chart. As noted on the compilation album Rebel Music and on Deluxe Edition of Exodus, “Roots” is the b-side of “Waiting in Vain”.


1. Waiting In Vain (March 1977 Demo)
2. Waiting In Vain (Demo)
3. Waiting In Vain (Alternate)
4. Waiting In Vain (Sons of Jah Mix)
5. Waiting In Vain (I-Threes)

“Waiting In Vain” was not a regular part of the touring set list, however, it has been recorded live, for example, in Montreal 1978.

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