Rare Wailers 7s from the MIDNIGHT RAVER archives

Here are a few 7″ singles from my collection…

The first 7″ I’m sharing is Roots feat. Wailers Band “Evil That You Do” with a flip of “Don Won Dub” performed by the Wailers Band. The original 7″ was produced by C. Chin and P. Shirley for Above Rock. Both tracks are extraordinarily solid roots tracks masterfully recorded by Chin. Notice the strength of Carol Nelson’s vocal in “Evil That You Do”, never getting lost in the heavy mix, which features the mighty Barrett brothers on the drum and bass. The Barrett brothers’ mastery and command of the riddim is what stands out on “Don Won Dub”. Their playing is flawless.


Here is an excellent 1970 version of “Small Axe” on a 7″ Upsetter-Pre backed with The Upsetters “Down The Road.”


Here is the Intel Diplo 7″ single of the best tune on the best reggae album ever recorded, “Burial” (formerly “Funeral”), which is featured on the Legalize It album.  Killer version on this one too…This single is credited to Peter Tosh and The Wailers.


Here is an interesting version of “Trenchtown Rock” featuring an additional two verses at the end of the track.  On a G&C bright yellow-labelled 7″.






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