Kaya & The Firehouse Crew : Rocky Ways Album

We wants at Midnight Raver Blog drawing your attention to an excellent album, released in August.

Kaya And The Firehouse Crew : Rocky Ways

Rocky Ways by KAYA - Album Cover

Rocky Ways by KAYA – Album Cover

rocky ways cd credits

rocky ways cd credits

Track Listing :

01-Wings Of Freedom
02-Rude Boy
04-Legends And Heroe
05-Reggae Reggae
06-Nu Easy Road
07-Baby Don’t Get Vex
09-Lovely Woman
10-Rise Up Africa
11-Rocky Ways
12-Innocent Blood
13-One of a Kind

To learn more about Kaya :



Kaya, Born Carlos Lopes.

The African Herbsman from Mindelo City, St. Vincente, Cape Verde, Africa, was born on the same island as the great Cape-Verdian singer Cesaria Evora, and came to Europe at an early age ( 13 ).

His travel took him to Portugal to join his parent in 1969, then on to Holland in 1971. There he settled and shown a keen interest in sports and music.

1979-1982 Kaya realizes his dream and formed his band in Amsterdam named “The Black Messenger”, where he headlined and supported some of the big names in reggae music.

Kaya also produced other African artists like Councellar Hays from Ghana among others.

The multi-talented Kaya is now armed with professional management team.

In recent years Kaya has been building his production company KayaFyah Production that would shape him as a great singer/songwriter and producer.

Kaya (being dubbed the African Herbsman) is no newcomer to the music business.
His musical journey began in the late ‘70s .on tour. He established himself as a crowd-pleaser, with spellbinding performances, drawing his musical influence and style from artists like :

Dennis Brown, Steel Pulse, Aswad, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Culture among some of the great foundation artists.

Over the years Kaya has maintained his roots flavor and awesome melodies and vocal harmony with the live horn’s which is very popular in the live music scene.

Kaya music can be described as old school roots rock reggae to the Nu-roots. Over the years Kaya has made several journeys to Jamaica where he recorded with the Firehouse Crew at Anchor and Tuff Gong Recording Studios with other musicians like :

Tony Asher, Wrong Move, Nambo Robinson, Dwith Richar’s, Dean Frazer, Bongo Herman and Sticky Thompson.

2010-2012 See Kaya Record and mixed over 25 tracks in Jamaica, with collaboration from artists like Sizzla Kalonji, The Mighty Diamonds, Bongo Herman ,Kadion Dixon, The Congo’s and Dean Frazer among others reggae legends.

Kaya’s music is all original works and ready to uplift the nation.

2012 See Kaya Tour Europe with Sizzla Kolonji and the Firehouse Crew. The `Rocky Ways` album was mixed by the great Steven Stanley in Kingston Jamaica.

`Rocky ways’ promises to be uplifting and inspirational and conscious.
Reminiscent of the golden era of reggae music.

Kayas first Jamaican release single `Rude Boy` featuring Vetron, d.j. I -Roy was released in 2011 in Jamaica which got extensive play throughout Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Be sure to visit : www.kayafyahproductions.com

big thanks to Kirsten for her precious help in making this article .

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