Hugh Mundell/Rockers All-Stars “Africa Must Be Free By 1983″/”Park Lane Special” (Pablo International) 1975

As I discussed in my recent Hugh Mundell retrospective, his first pressed single with Augustus Pablo producing was “Africa Must Be Free By 1983,” which was released on Pablo’s International label in 1975.  They duo soon followed with the single “My My” (later titled “My Mind”) also on the Pablo International label.  My research indicates that they may have cut other singles prior to “Africa Must Be Free,” however, those cuts were released on Mundell’s debut LP, and not as singles ahead of the LP.

Thanks to my man Danroy Wilson at Big Yard Chunes, Jamaica, I was able to grab this very rare first single from Mundell, and what a grab it was!  The B-side titled “Park Lane Special” is actually a very rare dub version of “Africa Must Be Free” and sounds much better than the dub released on the Africa Dub album.

This high quality transfer comes from the original 7″ vinyl pressed in 1975.



Here is another vinyl transfer from the MIDNIGHT RAVER archives.  “Don’t Stay Away Too Long” was pressed on a Yard Music 12″ and released as a single in 1977.  This 12″ is in very good condition considering it’s age.



Also included here is the rare “Feeling Alright Girl” 7″.  The single was pressed on the Rockers International label and released in 1979.  It is also featured on Mundell’s excellent 1980 album Time and Place on his own Mun-Rock label.  The dub version appears only on the B-side of this single.  This B-side version is as rare as anything you’ll hear on this blog.

More rare Mundell vinyl soon come!



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