Jacob Miller decries “False Rasta” and “Too Much Imitator”

Jacob Miller had a short, yet explosive career, helped along in no small part by his association with several legendary producers.  Discovered by the Swaby brothers – Horace (Augustus Pablo) and his brother Garth – while recording with Coxsone Dodd at Studio One in 1972, Miller would record several devastating and wisely influential tunes with the brothers in the span of 18 months.  These tunes –  “Baby I Love You So,” “False Rasta,” “Who Say Jah No Dread,” “Each One Teach One,” and “Girl Named Pat” featured playing from Carlton Barrett (drums); Aston Barrett, Robbie Shakespeare, Leroy Sibbles (bass); Chinna (guitar);  and the deadly horns of Gordon, Ellis, and Dirty Harry.  The sound ushered in Pablo’s Rockers era in the early 1970s.  The songs were made even heavier with the B-side dubs by King Tubby.

These early Pablo sessions are featured on the ultra-rare LP Who Say Jah No Dread from Greensleeves.

Miller would go on to work with another legendary producer in Joe Gibbs, who produced this tune featuring Miller over his “Tenement Yard” riddim (also featuring Miller).  On “Too Much Imitator” (1976) Miller hearkens back to “False Rasta” to decry fake or phony Rastas – those who were not spiritually devoted to the struggle, but seeking only to exploit the new opportunities, and even fame, emerging for the outcasts in music, ital/vital culture, and the like  –  like this ass clown.




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