Dub Gabriel Mix (Free Download!)

Our friend Dub Gabriel just dropped a killer ragga mix for the fans. 


Dub Gabriel returns with another installment of his ever popular mix series. This time DG digs deep into his archive to bring you a 100% 7″ vinyl set focusing on the B side, dubs, versions, riddems of some of the deepest tunes out of yard. Giving praises & thanks to the masters King Tubby, Lee Perry, Scientist, Sly & Robbie and many others.

Of course Dub Gabriel couldn’t resist hooking up his dub siren and tape echo in the mix, as well as shout outs from the legendary Brother Culture. This is sound system culture at it’s finest! True roots music! Foundation music!

01. King Tubby & Roots Radics – North Circular Dub
02. Niney The Observer – Brimstone and Fire
03. Augustus Pablo – Pablo In Dub
04. Prince Far I – Frontline Speech Dub
05. The Aggrovators- Hard Times Dub
06. Captain Sinbad – Dub Jordan
07. Barry Brown – Give Another Israel A Try Dub
08. Carl Meeks – Raw-Born-Rub-A-Dub (Dub)
09. Jazzbo All Stars – Every Night is a Winner Dub
10. Channel 1 – Worries in the Dance Dub
11. King Tubby – Africa Dub Plate Mix
12. Scientist – Noah’s Ark Dub
13. Peter Ranking_General Lucky – Jah Standing over me Version
14. The Aggrovators – Greedy Dub
15. Channel One – Roots, Rock, Reggae dub
16. Sly & Robbie – Dub Boom
17. Billy Boyo – Wicked She Wicked Dub
18. Roots Radics Band – Send Another Moses dub
19. Denis Brown – General Dub
20. Captain Sinbad – Dub Deh Bout
21. The Upsetters – Iron Wolf
22. Jah Lloyd – Farmer Dub
23. Reggie Stepper – Cuh Oonu Dub
24. Augustus Pablo – Spirit of Umoja Dub
25. King Tubby – Friends Version
26. Lee Perry & Upsetters – Jah Jah Dub
27. Joe Higgs – Cool Fire
28. Lloyd Dennis – Cover Me Dub
29. Scientist – Na Broke No Fight Over Woman Dub
30. Prince Far I – Red Sea Dub
31. Bunny Lee – Love in my Heart Version
32. Junior Brammer – All Gone Dub
33. Bunny Lee – Money Money Dub
34. Lee Perry – Rock a Dub
35. King Tubby – Tradition Song Dub
36. Lee Van Cliff – Bam Salute Version
37. Nicodemus – Bridman Hunting Version
38. Orange Street – Forty Nights Dub




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