The Roots of Freddie McGregor: Vol. II (A Midnight Raver Mix)

Freddie McGregor is one of my favorite vocalists ever.  Though I’m not a huge fan of the stuff he did with RAS, his work at Studio One and with the High Times label is most impressive.  True reggae roots at its finest.

The Roots of Freddie McGregor:  Vol. II is a rootical mix of Freddie McGregor roots tunes.  Includes album cuts, singles, alternate and extended mixes.  Some rare stuff in the mix.

To check Volume I CLICK HERE.


Mark Of The Beast
Peaceful Man (Extended Mix)
I’m A Revolutionist  (Alternate Mix)
Run Satan From Out of Your Heart
Run Come Rally (Alternate Mix)
Mission Impossible
Shortman (Extended Mix)
Peaceful Man (LP Version)
Jah Help The People
Love On Our Side
A Better Way
Children Listen To Wise Words
Freedom Justice and Equality
Brotherman (Alternate Mix)
No Run Around
Get United
Out of the Valley
Leave Yah
Love Jah So
Jah Can Count On I
Jah Is The Don

Here are several rare, unreleased photos of Freddie McGregor given to me by Doctor Dread.

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2 thoughts on “The Roots of Freddie McGregor: Vol. II (A Midnight Raver Mix)

  1. Rootsy Freddie is very underrated. His path to the more Lovers Rock side has been on par for what you’d expect.

    I agree about RAS, but would be curious if RAS applied any pressure to go more mainstream and pop?

    However, There are many good cuts from RAS albums….could we see a third installment of this mix?

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