The Wailers Live at The Matrix 1973

The Wailers played The Matrix Club in San Francisco on October 19, 20, 29 and 30, 1973 as part of their west coast jaunt.  I just re-upped the lossless audio files and included here an article published in the November 3, 1973 edition of the Melody Maker.


TOLCES, TODD. Melody Maker (Archive- 1926-2000)48.44 (Nov 3, 1973)


The Wailers 1973

The Wailers 1973


The Wailers, Matrix Club, October 1973

The Wailers, Matrix Club, October 1973


Bob Marley, San Francisco 1973 (

Bob Marley, San Francisco 1973 (



Sang Hugh, Strictly Roots

Keith Morgan, better known as Sang Hugh, is a simple fisherman and singer who arose to prominence in 1972 through the efforts of producers Hugh Madden, Winston “Niney” Holness and Lloyd Campbell.  Perhaps his most well-know song is “Rasta No Born Yah” and is characteristic of many of the early Rasta-themed roots tunes of the days.

He features prominently on the stunning Rasta compilation titled WISER DREAD, released by Nighthawk Records.

Here is a short medley I put together featuring Sang Hugh.



Cedric Myton Live, Teresina, Brasil, 2013

A scorching set from Cedric Myton backed by the Capitol Roots band. The show was recorded live in Teresina, Brasil, 2013. Cedric sings tunes exclusively from the ‘Face The Music‘ album , which must be the most under-rated reggae album ever as nobody EVER talks about it, or touts it like Heart Of The Congos or Congo Ashanti. This is a GREAT album! And the one I usually go to when I want to vibe with The Congos. Cedric gets the maddest love in Brasil. Treated like a king by the Brazilians, who are the best reggae fans on the planet…know that!

Big up Francisco for sending us this show.


Previously Unreleased Augustus Pablo Mix

From Jerry Stein’s 1979 film WORD, SOUND AND POWER we have Soul Syndicate with “Visions Of Love Dub” featuring Augustus Pablo on keyboards.  The track is the version to Earl Zero’s “Visions Of Love”  and this mix has never been officially released.

Throughout the 1970s, Pablo was an on-again/off-again member of the Soul Syndicate band, the greatest studio session band of the decade.  He played on studio sessions for some of the greatest roots reggae albums to emerge during this period, and even performed live gigs all over the island.

Here is what my good friend Jerry Stein has to say about this tune:

“That track exists on Zero’s “Visions of Love” album, perhaps mixed slightly differently. I put up the seed money for that album which brought it through production at Channel 1…was supposed to 1) get that money back first 2) have the master tapes in my possession 3) receive 25% of profits NONE of these contractual items were ever fulfilled. I still have the original contract. I think it was the best album that Zero ever made. Everyone that knows me for a long time, knows the truth behind that rip-off. Doug and Roger included. But I still love the album as if that didn’t happen and I’m grateful that people had a chance to hear that great combination of musicians and the powerful songwriting and singing of Earl. Jeff Roth took the picture that was used for the album cover! At the time of filming Pablo and Mundell, we did an interview with Hugh in the same location where “Nature Provides” and “In the Hills” were recorded.  





Don Carlos, Erroll Dunkley crucial 12″ mixes

Here are a couple of 12″ vinyl singles from my collection.

First up we have Ervin Spencer AKA Donovan “Don” Carlos with the phenomenal “Black History” 12″ on Delroy Wright’s Washington, DC-based Live & Learn label.  As Don related to me in our 2012 interview, he moved to DC for several years in the mid-1980s in order to work with Delroy Wright, Doctor Dread, and Jim Fox.  Check the never-before-seen photos of Don hanging with Englishman and a young Squidly Cole (former Carlos drummer) before a performance on the DC mall – late 1980s (from the MIDNIGHT RAVER archives).  Massive tune…Rare 12″ mix…





Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 9.14.25 AM

Next we have a killer 12″ from Erroll Dunkley on the Black Roots label.  “Betcha By Golly Wow” was made famous by The Stylistics, a soul group from Philadelphia, PA, USA in 1972.  I never get tired of this tune, especially when sung by someone as gifted as Dunkley.  Of course, then there is the scorching live version sung by Hugh Mundell and Junior Reid at a Volcano Sound Clash, Cassava Piece, September 7,1983 – just one month prior to Mundell’s violent murder.


Raver bringing you killer vibes every time…


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