Killer 10s

Dennis Brown – – Not a Prince, but a true KING!


Don Carlos/Tony Murray – “Peace & Love”/”Locks & Keys” – Brilliance on wax…Sugar Minott producing Don Carlos…murderous.


Alien Dread Dubs Martin Campbell  –  Heavy, heavy roots from this legendary crew…Track 4..“River Babylon” in dub should be illegal…Total atmospheric mindfuck with essential hand-drumming…WTF?


Ken Boothe – “Old Fashioned Way” – Boothe’s voice is heavier than lead.  So expressive, soul sacrifice…The first time I heard this tune I played it back more than 10 times.  It dropped me to my knees.  I could not comprehend what I was hearing.  Like Sam Cooke possessed.  Keith Hudson on the production…“Studio kinda cloudy.”


Jah Batta & Junior Delahaye) “Sexual Healing” / “Go to School” (Hitbound) 10″


Audley Rollins “All I Want” w/ version (Wackies) 10″ – Rare autographed Wackies 10″…Nicest sound around town.




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