Dennis Brown shocks the crowd at Montreux 1977

From the moment Dennis Brown takes the stage to a blistering rendition of “So Jah Say” by Lloyd Parks and the We The People Band, the audience is captivated, watching “the other reggae guy” give the performance of a lifetime.  Although Brown struggles with his voice at times, he and his band never let up.  He pushes it so hard on “Yabby You” that you feel he may never recover, that this performance alone took years off of his life.  The closing double-time version of “Money in My Pocket” is a good example of how Brown toughened up at the end of the ’70s, bringing a harder edge to his music.   The performance is so well received that it replays on the legendary ROCKPALAST music show in Germany, bringing worldwide acclaim and attention to “the other Bob Marley.”

Also included here is a review of a disastrous show at the Rainbow in London from the same year.  It was published in the May 12, 1979 issue of Melody Maker.


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