Augustus Pablo Vinyl Selections

The Immortals’ “Can’t Keep A Good Man Down” is a 1975 tune produced and arranged by Augustus Pablo.  It is backed with “The Outer Limits” by The Outer Limits Under heavy manners.  A very nice NM copy of the original 7″ pressing on the Yard Music label.

Next up we have one of my favorite Pablo 7″s titled “Black Out.”  Produced by Winston Riley in 1975, the tune features Pablo blowing melodica over the “Nothing Is Impossible” version by The Inturns, also known as The Viceroys.

Here is the original “Nothing Is Impossible” 7″ on Winston Riley’s Techniques label.


A very early and unique sound from Pablo.  “African Rock”/”Road Runner” (Scorpio) 1973…Great sounding NM copy of this 7″.


An outstanding track featuring Pablo backed by the Revolutionaries (Sly & Robbie).  “Spirit of Umoja” is pressed to a DEB Music 12″.


I am not a big fan of Pablo’s digital sounds, however, “Struggle In Soweto” (Message) from 1984 is a cut above his other digital productions.


This 7″ version of Pablo’s “Cassava Piece” has a much different mix than the album version.


“Selfish Youths” is one of my top 5 favorite Pablo compositions ever.  Just love the vibe of this track from the King David’s Melody LP.


As if “Up Warricka Hill” wasn’t heavy enough already, King Tubby is simply masterful on the mix.  The version is straight murder.  Check what Tubby does with the high-pass filter at 4:52…




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