Eek-A-Mouse Rare Vinyl Selections

I remember in the mid-to-late 1980s when Eek-A-Mouse was the hottest touring artist on the set.  Long before he was hopping jet planes around the world the Mouse was sweating it out with Sly and Robbie and the Roots Radics in the pressure cooker on Maxfield Avenue.

These two tracks by Eek-A-Mouse appear on the George Phang-produced Masterpiece which features riddims by Sly and Robbie and a heavy tune by Barry Brown titled “Lady With That Hairstyle.”

Bet you haven’t heard these in a while…

Eek-A-Mouse “I Wanna Know”/”My Queen”


Barry Brown “Lady With That Hairstyle”


Rare photos of Eek-A-Mouse recording with Doctor Dread and Jim Fox from the MIDNIGHT RAVER archives.  Eek-A-Mouse never afraid to make a bold statement…



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