Gregory Isaacs feat. Dennis Brown “Let Off Sup’m”

Here is a mini-mix of a killer track from Gregory Isaac’s Private Beach Party.  Written by Carlton “Tetrack” Hines and featuring Dennis Brown, “Let Off Sup’m” is the strongest track from the album, which is Gregory’s best-selling LP.

Private Beach Party continued Isaacs’ working relationship with producer Augustus “Gussie” Clarke, to whom he would return in 1988 for the hugely successful “Rumours” (also written by Tetrack) and Red Rose for Gregory.  Clarke enlisted Carlton Hines to write several songs for the album.  In the end, Hines wrote 7 out of 10 tracks.  Musicians featured include Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare, Lloyd Parks, and Willie Lindo.

Allmusic’s Jo-Ann Greene called the album a “masterpiece”, stating “There’s not a mis-step within the entire set, and every song is so high-caliber that’s it’s useless to try to pick favorites”. Steve Barrow & Peter Dalton selected the album as one of their recommendations in The Rough Guide to Reggae, calling the duet with Carlene Davis “outstanding”.

1.  “Let Off Sup’m” (LP version)
2.  “Let Off Sup’m” (dub version)
3.  “Let Off Sup’m” (remix version)
4.  “Let Off Sup’m” (live version)


Here is a previously unreleased photo of Gregory Isaacs performing live with Dennis Brown from the MIDNIGHT RAVER archives…


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