Gregory Isaacs’ Crucial Cuts

Some crucial vinyl selections from the MIDNIGHT RAVER vinyl collection!

“Private Secretary” (African Museum) 12″

“Night Nurse” b/w “Material Man” (African Mueum) 12″

“What A Feeling” (Taxi) 7″

“Religion” (African Museum) 7″

“Look Before You Leap” (Third World) 7″

“Soon Forward” (Taxi) 7″

“Cross The Line” (Ossie) 7″

“The Border” feat. U-Brown (GG’s) 12″


And several from Peter van Arnhem’s vinyl collection!

“Mr. Know It All” (DEB Music) 12″

“Open The Door To Your Heart” w/ The Wailers (Sydna) 7″


Great article that appeared in the December 18, 1982 issue of NME:


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