JAH RAVER plays his favorite Burning Spear selections from his personal vinyl collection. An entire 2-hr. REGGAE KULTURE SHOW devoted entirely to the career of reggae’s greatest living legend.

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Burning Spear – Intro – Ital Pot
Burning Spear – Door Peep (Man In The Hills LP version) 1976
Burning Spear – Road Foggy (Coxsone 7″) 1974
Burning Spear – Ethiopians Live It Out (Coxsone 7″) 1974
Burning Spear – Swell Head (Coxsone 7″) 1974
Burning Spear – What A Happy Day (Coxsone 7″) 1974
Burning Spear – Bad To Worst (Studio One version) 1974
Burning Spear – Bad To Worst (Fittest of the Fittest LP version) 1983
Burning Spear – Call On You (Coxsone 7″)
Burning Spear – Joe Frazier (Iron Side 7″) 1972
Burning Spear – Natural Version (Spear 12″) 1977
Burning Spear – Marcus Garvey (Fox 7″) 1976
Burning Spear – Garvey’s Ghost (album version) 1976
Big Youth – Mosiah Garvey (Fox 7″) 1975
Burning Spear – Free (Spear 7″) 1975
Burning Spear – Free Version (Spear 7″) 1975
Burning Spear – Black Soul (Man In The Hills LP version) 1976
Burning Spear – Black Soul (Rainbow Theatre, London) 1977
Burning Spear – Man In The Hills (Wolf 7″) 1976
Burning Spear – Cultivation (Wolf 7″) 1976
Burning Spear – Invasion (Island 7″) 1976
Burning Spear – Black Wa-Da-Da (Garvey’s Ghost album version) 1976
Burning Spear – Jah No Dead Acapella (Rockers film outtake) 1979
Burning Spear – Jah No Dead (Burning Spear Sounds 12″) 1980
Burning Spear – Jordan River (Marcus Garvey album version) 1976
Burning Spear – Dread River (Garvey’s Ghost album version) 1976
Burning Spear – Nyah Keith (Spear 7″) 1979
Burning Spear – Nyah Keith Dub (Spear 7″) 1979
Burning Spear – Slavery Days (Fox 7″) 1975
Burning Spear – Slavery Days Version (Fox 7″) 1975

Photo:  David Burnett

Photo: David Burnett

Massive Maya Mash Up with LKJ personifies Deep Word Dub


Maya Angelou fly away home to Zion. This video DJ combination was recorded live at The Kennel Club in San Francisco January 24th 1993 and features “On The Pulse Of Morning” written and spoken by Maya at the Bill Clinton Presidential Inauguration Ceremony January 20th, 1994 with dub bammin’ Linton Kwesi Johnson and Dennis Bovell’s Dub Band mix up by Ghost Town Sound’s Duppy Doug Wendt. This particular piece went over so well it was replayed many more times at the always jam packed Sunday night venue. Infinite thanks also to Archie Bell’s Dancers, Jerry Abrams’ Head Lights Show crew with Phyllis Laurie et al, Stefan Gosieski’s Video Dub FX and the thousands who danced their hearts out at the Divisadero Street Fillmore District nightclub currently known as The Independent.

“Lift up your eyes upon
This day breaking for you.
Give birth again
To the dream.”

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Basque Dub Foundation

Here is a great interview and write-up by Ray Hurford about our good friend Inyaki and the Basque Dub Foundation…



Up until around 2000, London was still regarded as the home of reggae in Europe. It was around this time that many big Reggae festivals started to take place in every major European capital – except London! This was followed by European Reggae labels. The most recent development are European Reggae producers. One of the first is Inyaki Yarritu from Spain – founder of the Basque Dub Foundation or BDF. This is his story.

Q: When did you get into Reggae?

A: First time I heard Reggae was in 1978, I was 14 then. Some Bob Marley & The Wailers album like “Kaya” or “Exodus”. There was no Reggae at all in Bilbao (a small city in the Basque Country where I’m from), apart from BMW, and the other artists on major labels like Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff, Toots & The Maytals, Third World, Inner Circle, etc… that’s pretty much all the Reggae one could hear then and I thought that was it! I became a lifetime fan. I didn’t know much about Reggae but I was certainly obsessed about knowing. It took me a few years to realise there was a whole world of Reggae, a whole universe in fact, that existed apart from the stuff on major labels… hundreds, well more like thousands of Reggae artists and labels! A few years later I got some UK magazines like NME and thru that I found Small Axe (around 1983) which was a huge discovery for me! (My everlasting respect to your work!!!!) Also asked friends, who were coming to London, to buy me records. I made lists from reviews on Small Axe, Reggae Quarterly (fantastic Canadian magazine), even the NME had a reggae chart which was very useful to know which artists were popular, cause I didn’t know much! After my first visit to London in 1985 (where I bought many books, magazines, records, etc) I decided to start a radio programme as nobody was playing any Reggae on the radio in Spain. I used to come to London to buy records.

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Keep your eyes and ears open for new stuff from Basque Dub Foundation, including a forthcoming melodica version of Yabby U’s “Walls of Jerusalem” on 7″.

Also check these two 7″s which are available for purchase now.

Little Roy “Disasters & Signs” / BDF “Melodica Signs”


Cornel Campbell “Hypocrites” / BDF “Dubbing The Hypocrites”

____________________Disasters and signsHypocrites