A Touch of Tosh

May 4, 2014
by Howard Campbell
Jamaica Observer

PETER Tosh was on the verge of an international breakthrough with The Wailers when Ceil Tulloch was born in June 1972.

When he was murdered in September 1987, she was living in New York City and knew little about the fiery singer/songwriter.

When she did get familiar with Tosh and his work, Tulloch found that his contribution to Jamaican culture was under-rated.

“On several occasions when I spoke with people about roots-reggae music, they were quite familiar with Bob Marley, but confessed that they knew little about Tosh,” she said.

The book is a collection of personal stories by people who knew Tosh, including his former manager Herbie Miller, guitarist Donald Kinsey and drummer Sly Dunbar, members of his Word, Sound and Power band; musicologist Dermot Hussey and British journalist Gerry Steckles.

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