Monterey Or Bust!

Monterey Or Bust, the official album of the Cali Roots Festival, is the MIDNIGHT RAVER sleeper hit sound for 2014.  American reggae acts are definitely making their mark, with a unique sound that fuzes roots ‘n culture, dub, lovers rock, rock, folk, and punk.  This signature sound was forged on the west coast and on the Hawaiian islands by a surf culture marinated for years with reggae, punk, and ska.  With talented new acts emerging on a monthly basis, the U.S. now has a formidable reggae scene with a sound all its own.

From Zack Reed (2013’s Dub Rockers LP) and our friends at Rebel Sound Records. Cop it now at Itunes…This album is fi real!

1.  Stick Figure – Vibes Alive
2.  E.N Young – Give Me What
3.  Fortunate Youth – Trippin
4.  Tatanka – Reward Them
5.  Maoli – Get Right

Various Artists - Monterey Or Bust - Artwork


One thought on “Monterey Or Bust!

  1. I’ve always thought reggae fans don’t give enough credit to these American acts. The only issue I have is with the singers voices. Sometimes a white American singer singing like a white American singer just doesn’t cut it. Stick Figure is an example of this. Great music, but lacking vocals.

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