Rock Beat releases 1978 Tosh Performance

Rock Beat Records has released PeterTosh’s live performance atlegendary Long Island venue My Father’s Place in 1978.

Founded by Arny Schorr of S’more Entertainment and distributed by eOne, Rockbeat counts among its team an alumnus of Rhino Records.  James Austin, the former Vice President of A&R at Rhino, serves in the same capacity at the up-and-coming label.  Rockbeat promises “the release of enhanced CDs and vinyl and the creation of reissues and compilations on a variety of music genres.”  It also appears that the longtime owner of My Father’s Place, Michael Epstein, was involved in this release as well.

I must say that I am disappointed that the Peter Tosh estate hasn’t moved to secure and release the many available shows that circulate among collectors.  I’m trust that they have their reasons, but I would much rather see his family benefit from the sales of this record than label owners who could never truly appreciate the significance of Tosh’s music.  It also seems that they have no interest in issuing any unreleased material.  It is always sad when one of these conglomerate labels takes it upon themselves to put out material by an artist it knows nothing about.  Peter Tosh deserves better.



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