Little John Vinyl Cuts

Here we have 5 crucial selections from Little John.  All selections produced by Jah Thomas except for the first selection which was released in 1982 on the British Rusty International label.  Radics back all tracks.  Soldjie and Professor (Winston Brown) on the mix.

I was planning to include this tune in the Jah Raver vinyl selections post, however, it is far too wicked to hide among ten other inferior tracks.  Track is so murderous it is wanted in sixteen states for homicide.  And the Radics version?  What?  All players were on a higher plane of existence on the day they laid this one down.  I should include this track with every single post to this blog…just because.  It is that good…

“Respect Your Lover”

“Sweet Reggae Music”

Photo:  Beth Lesser

Photo: Beth Lesser

“Unwilling Baby Mother”

“This Kind of Way”





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