Junior Reid w/ Black Uhuru Live, The Ritz, NYC, 1986

Included here is the NYC debut of Junior Reid as lead vocalist for Black Uhuru. After winning the first ever Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album for 1985’s Anthem, Black Uhuru  is dropped by Island Records and lead vocalist Michael Rose departs the group to pursue a solo career.  They are promptly signed to RAS Records and they enter Music Mountain Studios in Kingston, Jamaica with engineer Steven Stanley to record the Brutal album.

Junior Reid is one of the most electrifying performers to emerge from Jamaica in the 1980s.  Here he performs a medley of his pre-Uhuru solo hits “Shack-A-Lack” (over a hard Sly & Robbie “World-A-Music” riddim), the Joe Gibbs-produced “Babylon Release The Chain,” and the Jammy-producedOriginal Foreign Mind.”

Performance also feat. Duckie Simpson, Puma Jones, Sly & Robbie.

1. Intro (Amy “Night Nurse” Wachtel)
2. Let Us Pray
3. Shack-A-Lack/Babylon Release The Chain
4. Original Foreign Mind/Many A Sorrow
5. Emotional Slaughter


3 thoughts on “Junior Reid w/ Black Uhuru Live, The Ritz, NYC, 1986

  1. http://gemsandmineraldiva.blogspot.pt/2014/05/the-death-of-legend-daryl-adonis.html

    Sadly, the inventive lead guitarist Daryl Thompson passed away a couple of months ago. Despite the fact that no one talks about him, he was one of the creators of the original live sound coming from Black Uhuru in the eighties, after having played with Peter Tosh. Without him it wouldn´t have been so fun to listen to the classic Uhuru live sound, with all the nice solos and the rendering sounds of picks rubing and scratching the guitar strings…
    C’mon, Midnight Raver, can you post some kind of tribute to him? What have the Taxi Gang to say about?
    Kind Regards

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