Another installment of MIDNIGHT RAVER’S DREADA DUB MIX series, DREADA DUB MIX VOL. 5 includes fresh dubs from Harrison Stafford’s Natty Will Fly Again album which pairs Congo Ashanti Roy, Pablo Moses, and Winston Jarrett with some real serious players.  Also featured is a brand new version from the Lone Ark crew titled “Dub-I”…wicked!  Killers from Sly & Robbie, Ronnie Davis, Yabby You, Scientist, and even a Black Ark set featuring LSP at his peak with “Storm Clouds Dub,” “Crying Over You Dub,” and the essential “Noah Sugar Pan” version from The Congos.

And sit down before the Rasses come live with the Humanity dub tracks…“Moonlight City” and “Cockburn Pen”…holy shit Raver don’t let ’em up…Kill shots in the first 15 mins.

Not to be missed!

1. Harrison Stafford/Groundation – Natty Will Dub Again
2. Lone Ark All-Stars – Dub-I
3. Yabby You & Michael Prophet – Mash Down Rome Dub
4. The Royal Rasses – Moonlight City
5. The Royal Rasses – Cockburn Pen
6. Heptones – Storm Clouds Dub
7. Heptones – Crying Over You Dub
8. Congos – Noah Sugar Pan
9. Roots Radics – What You Want To Be/Combination?
10. Lost Ark Crew/Pura Vida – Life Is Dub
11. Ronnie Davis – Cover Dub
12. Sly & Robbie – Dub The Government
13. Horace Andy – Facts of Dub
14. Willi Williams – Dungeon Dub
15. Scientist – Steppers
16. Addis Pablo – Selassie Souljahz In Dub
17. Bob Marley & the Wailers – Rat Race Dub (Horns Mix)
18. Yabby You – Prophets Dub
19. Dennis Brown – Let Love In




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