“With Misty In Roots I trod on…”

I’m sitting in the airport, Knoxville, TN, just trying to find my way back home from a dreadful work trip.  Today its Misty In Roots providing the vibes to keep I-man trodding forward.  Misty In Roots are without a doubt the most authentic and consequential roots reggae collective ever to emerge from the UK in my opinion.  They may be the most consequential and significant reggae group we have seen since Bob Marley.  No you won’t here them on the radio.  No they don’t sell a million albums.  Many of you may have never heard of them.  I have never seen them live.  Those who have say it is the best live reggae act since Bob Marley & the Wailers.  I don’t doubt it…and I don’t make Bob comparisons often.

What is truly hard to comprehend is that their official SoundCloud has less than 150 followers!

Check them here in this MIDNIGHT RAVER SOUNDS playlist:


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