Augustus Pablo ‘Born To Dub You’ (17 N. Parade)

BORN TO DUB YOU is an album of rare and unreleased Augustus Pablo tracks from the vaults of Gussie Clarke. This re-mastered album contains the original 12″ version of the mind-bending “No Entry,” the Jamaican 45 and King Jammy 12” Dub versions of “Classical Illusion” plus, two previously unreleased takes of the Horace Andy classic “Skylarking.” The collectable 45 version of “Believe A Dub,” adds to the ultimate appeal of this newly configured collection.

Like the recent re-release of the long out-of-print 1976 dub LP GUSSIE:  THE RIGHT TRACKS, also by VP, BORN TO DUB YOU is a refreshing listen and one which should settle the appetites of Pablo fanatics like myself, at least for the time being.  With all of the astounding work that Pablo left behind, some of it still unreleased or out-of-print, it is easy to forget the work he did with legendary producer Gussie Clarke.  Along with Herman Chin-Loy, Clarke was one of the earliest producers to record Pablo, releasing his collaborations with Simplicity People on his Gussie and Puppy labels as early as 1973.

Another in a long line of excellent releases from 17 North Parade…



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