DEB IN DUB (A Midnight Raver Mix)

Thought I’d share a mix I put together featuring Dennis Brown B-sides and disco mixes.  Hope you enjoy.  Also included are several vintage press articles on DEB.

Dennis Brown – No General Dub
Dennis Brown – Call Me
Scientist – Space Invaders Regroup
Dennis Brown – Running Around (Extended 12″ mix)
DEB Players – Sounds of Freedom
DEB Players – 4th Generation
Dennis Brown – Mr. D. Brown in Dub
Dennis Brown – Black Liberation Dub
Dennis Brown – Lock and Key
Dennis Brown – Man Next Door (12″ Disco mix)
Dennis Brown – I’m Coming Home
Dennis Brown – Three Meals A Day (12″ Disco mix)
Dennis Brown – Heatwave Dub
Dennis Brown – Gimme Your Loving (Dub)
Dennis Brown – Stay At Home Version
Dennis Brown – Whip Them Dub
U-Brown – Can’t Take The Praise Without Raise
Dennis brown w/ U-Roy – The Other Half
Dennis Brown – Satisfaction Dub
Dennis Brown – Natural Mystic Dub
Dennis Brown – Oh What A Day (12″ Disco mix)

Melody Maker (Archive- 1926-2000)54.13 (Apr 7, 1979)- 3.deb.pdf

[Melody Maker Apr 7, 1979]

Dennis Brown- uneasy in the spotlight Hucker, Dave. Melody Maker (Archive- 1926-2000)54.18 (May 12, 1979)- 28.dbrown

[Melody Maker, May 12, 1979]


One thought on “DEB IN DUB (A Midnight Raver Mix)

  1. Deb……wow! I used to have a digital version of a deb vinyl …absolutely great…but i lost it in two subsequent disk crashes…. should be able to find he title again

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